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Bruce Springsteen in Ireland

Number of concerts in this country28
First concert1985
Latest concert2016
Number of different cities4
Number of different venues9
Number of songs played in this country677
Number of different songs played in202
Number of users from this country97

Bruce Springsteen has played in the following cities:

CityNumber of concerts in this country

Bruce Springsteen has played at the following venues:

VenueCityNumber of concerts in this country
Croke ParkDublin3
Nowlan ParkKilkenny3
Pirc U ChaoimhCork3
RDS ArenaDublin14
Slane CastleDublin1
The Mean FiddlerDublin1
The National StadiumDublin1
The PointDublin6
Thomond ParkLimerick2

Bruce Springsteen has played the following concerts:

1985/06/01  Slane Castle  Dublin  
1988/07/07  RDS Arena  Dublin  
1993/05/19  The National Stadium  Dublin  
1993/05/20  RDS Arena  Dublin  
1996/03/17  The Mean Fiddler  Dublin  
1996/03/20  The Point  Dublin  
1999/05/25  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2003/05/31  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2005/05/24  The Point  Dublin  
2006/05/05  The Point  Dublin  
2006/11/17  The Point  Dublin  
2006/11/18  The Point  Dublin  
2006/11/19  The Point  Dublin  
2008/05/22  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2008/05/23  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2008/05/25  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2009/07/11  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2009/07/12  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2012/07/17  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2012/07/18  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2013/07/16  Thomond Park  Limerick  
2013/07/16  Thomond Park  Limerick  
2013/07/18  Pirc U Chaoimh  Cork  
2013/07/18  Pirc U Chaoimh  Cork  
2013/07/27  Nowlan Park  Kilkenny  
2013/07/28  Nowlan Park  Kilkenny  
2016/05/27  Croke Park  Dublin  
2016/05/29  Croke Park  Dublin  
2023/05/05  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2023/05/07  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2023/05/09  RDS Arena  Dublin  
2024/05/12 Nowlan Park  Kilkenny  
2024/05/16 Pirc U Chaoimh  Cork  
2024/05/19 Croke Park  Dublin