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Bruce Springsteen in Sweden

Number of concerts in this country37
First concert1975
Latest concert2016
Number of different cities2
Number of different venues11
Number of songs played in this country973
Number of different songs played in225
Number of users from this country302

Bruce Springsteen has played in the following cities:

CityNumber of concerts in this country

Bruce Springsteen has played at the following venues:

VenueCityNumber of concerts in this country
Friends Arena Stockholm5
Johanneshovs IsstadionStockholm2
Late Night with Luuk TV show (TV4)Stockholm1
Polar Music Prize CeremonyStockholm1
Stockholm StadionStockholm8
The CirkusStockholm1

Bruce Springsteen has played the following concerts:

1975/11/21  Konserthus  Stockholm  
1981/05/03  Scandinavium  Gothenburg  
1981/05/07  Johanneshovs Isstadion  Stockholm  
1981/05/08  Johanneshovs Isstadion  Stockholm  
1985/06/08  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
1985/06/09  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
1988/07/02  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
1988/07/03  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
1992/06/15  Globen  Stockholm  
1992/06/17  Globen  Stockholm  
1993/05/28  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
1996/03/13  The Cirkus  Stockholm  
1997/05/05 Polar Music Prize Ceremony  Stockholm  
1998/12/08  Late Night with Luuk TV show (TV4)  Stockholm  
1999/06/23  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
1999/06/24  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
2002/10/24  Globen  Stockholm  
2003/06/21  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2003/06/22  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2005/06/23  Scandinavium  Gothenburg  
2005/06/25  Hovet  Stockholm  
2006/05/21  Hovet  Stockholm  
2006/10/30  Globen  Stockholm  
2007/12/10  Globen  Stockholm  
2008/07/04  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2008/07/05  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2009/06/04  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
2009/06/05  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
2009/06/07  Stockholm Stadion  Stockholm  
2012/07/27  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2012/07/28  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2013/05/03  Friends Arena   Stockholm  
2013/05/04  Friends Arena   Stockholm  
2013/05/11  Friends Arena   Stockholm  
2016/06/25  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2016/06/27  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2016/07/23  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2023/06/24  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2023/06/26  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2023/06/28  Ullevi  Gothenburg  
2024/07/15 Friends Arena   Stockholm  
2024/07/18 Friends Arena   Stockholm