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Rock Ballad

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First time played on: 30/06/1992

Latest time played on: 30/06/1992


When the moon was just right
We could turn off the light and just listen
We could pray to the night - We could hold on so tight
You could hear crystal stars as they glisten
Lovers in vain like to walk in the rain
Like to hear distant trains emotion
And a late radio played very low
No one must know this devotion

Rock ballad - Rock ballad
Baby and I we could listen
All night long
To a real slow song
Till our tears were gone

Now these jobs and these schools
Teach romance is for fools
And the dream always ends upon waking
So we learn to keep our cool - Like how a hustler shoots pool
And soon your whole life is spent faking
'Cause to try is to fail - And as the wind leaves your sales
All you hear is the sound of their laughter
But I was running so fast - With the wind racing past
All I heard was a voice say go after her

Now a soul clarinet and these feelings I get
Its the songs of regret I remember
And I placed a bet on loves last request
As we spun the roulette that Sep
Now you can raise a glass have a drink to the past
As I think of the last chance taken
She said baby come here put this seashell by your ear
I saw yeah I can hear the surf breaking