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Land of 1000 Dances

This song was 7 x played live .

This songs has been heard live by 120 users.

First time played on: 23/07/1982

Latest time played on: 06/11/2004


Got to know how to pony (oh, yeah)
Like Bony Moronie (ooh, ooh)

You got to know how to twist (oh, yeah)
Go like this (ooh, ooh)

Mashed potato (oh, yeah)
Do the alligator (ooh, ooh)

Twist the twister (oh, yeah)
Like little sister (ooh, ooh)

Then you get your yeah, yo (oh, yeah)
Say hey, let’s go, go (ooh, ooh)

Get out on your knees (oh, yeah)
Do the sweet peas (ooh, ooh)

Roll over on your back (oh, yeah)
Say I like it like that (ooh, ooh)

Do the watusi (oh, yeah)
Do the watusi (ooh, ooh)

Can you do the fly? (oh, yeah)
With a hand jive? (ooh, ooh)

An you do the slot? (oh, yeah)
The chicken in the pot? (ooh, ooh)

Can you do the fish? (oh, yeah)
Slow, slow twist? (ooh, ooh)

Can you do the flow? (oh, yeah)
Got to move so low (ooh, ooh)

Can you do the tango? (oh, yeah)
Takes two to tango (ooh, ooh)

I wanna show you (oh, yeah)
This little place (ooh, ooh)
Across the track (oh, yeah)

The name of this place (ooh, ooh)
Is I like it like that (oh, yeah)

The name of the band (ooh, ooh)
The Twistolettes (oh, yeah)

Come on, children (ooh, ooh)
I want to show you (oh, yeah)
I want to show you (ooh, ooh)
I want to show you (oh, yeah)
Come on children


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