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Number of songs played:25
Number of users who were at this concert:173
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2012/04/09, New York, NY United States

Madison Square Garden


   1 Badlands
   2 We Take Care Of Our Own
   3 Wrecking Ball
   4 Out In The Street
   5 Death To My Hometown
   6 My City Of Ruins
   7 Spirit In The Night
   8 Thundercrack
   9 Jack Of All Trades
   10 Trapped
   11 She's The One
   12 Easy Money
   13 Waitin' On A Sunny Day
   14 The Promised Land
   15 Apollo Medley
   16 Because The Night
   17 The Rising
   18 We Are Alive
   19 Backstreets
   20 Land Of Hope And Dreams
   21 Rocky Ground
   22 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
   23 Born To Run
   24 Dancing In The Dark
   25 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
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Number of users who were at this concert: 173
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