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Point Blank

This song was 271 x played live .

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First time played on: 07/07/1978

Latest time played on: 28/07/2016


Bruce Springsteen Sings the Alphabet

Episode: Point Blank


From the albums:


Do you still say your prayers little darlin'
do you go to bed at night
Prayin' that tomorrow, everything will be alright
But tommorow's fall in number
in number one by one
You wake up and you're dying
you don't even know what from

Well they shot you point blank

you been shot in the back
Baby point blank you been fooled this time
little girl that's a fact
Right between the eyes, baby, point blank
right between the pretty lies that they tell
Little girl you fell

You grew up where young girls they grow up fast
You took what you were handed and left behind what was asked

but what they asked baby wasn't right
you didn't have to live that life,
I was gonna be your Romeo you were gonna be my Juliet
These days you don't wait on Romeo's
you wait on that welfare check
and on all the pretty things that you can't ever have
and on all the promises

That always end up point blank, shot between the eyes

Point blank like little white lies you tell to ease the pain
You're walkin' in the sights, girl of point blank
and it's one false move and baby the lights go out

Once I dreamed we were together again
baby you and me
Back home in those old clubs the way we used to be
We were standin' at the bar
it was hard to hear

The band was playin' loud and you were shoutin' somethin' in my ear
You pulled my jacket off and as the drummer counted four
You grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the floor
You just stood there and held me, then you started dancin' slow
And as I pulled you tighter I swore I'd never let you go

Well I saw you last night down on the avenue
Your face was in the shadows but I knew that it was you
You were standin' in the doorway out of the rain

You didn't answer when I called out your name
You just turned, and then you looked away
like just another stranger waitin' to get blown away

Point blank, right between the eyes
Point blank, right between the pretty lies you fell
Point blank, shot right through the heart

Yea point blank, you've been twisted up till you've become just another part of it
Point blank, you're walkin' in the sights

Point blank, livin' one false move just one false move away
Point blank, they caught you in their sights
Point blank, did you forget how to love,
girl, did you forget how to fight.
Point blank they must have shot you in the head
Cause point blank
bang bang baby you're dead.
Played in:
07/07/1978The Roxy, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
16/09/1978Palladium, New York, NYUnited States
17/09/1978Palladium, New York, NYUnited States
19/09/1978Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJUnited States
20/09/1978Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJUnited States
21/09/1978Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJUnited States
25/09/1978Boston Garden, Boston, MAUnited States
29/09/1978Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, ALUnited States
30/09/1978Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GAUnited States
01/11/1978Princeton University, Princeton, NJUnited States
02/11/1978Capital Center, Largo, MDUnited States
04/11/1978University of Vermont, Burlington, VTUnited States
05/11/1978University of New Hampshire, Durham, NHUnited States
07/11/1978Cornell University, Ithaca, NYUnited States
08/11/1978The Forum, MontrealCanada
10/11/1978St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NYUnited States
12/11/1978Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NYUnited States
14/11/1978Memorial Auditorium, Uttica, NYUnited States
16/11/1978Maple Leaf Gardens, TorontoCanada
17/11/1978Michigan State University, East Lansing, MIUnited States
18/11/1978Miami University, Oxford, OHUnited States
20/11/1978University of Illinois, Champaign, ILUnited States
21/11/1978Northwestern University, Evanston, ILUnited States
25/11/1978Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MOUnited States
27/11/1978Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WIUnited States
28/11/1978Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WIUnited States
29/11/1978Civic Center, St. Paul, MNUnited States
01/12/1978University of Oklahoma, Norman, OKUnited States
03/12/1978Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, ILUnited States
05/12/1978Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge, LOUnited States
07/12/1978Special Events Center, University of Texas, Austin, TXUnited States
08/12/1978The Summit, Houston, TXUnited States
09/12/1978Convention Centre, Dallas, TXUnited States
13/12/1978Tucson Community Center, Tucson, AZUnited States
15/12/1978Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CAUnited States
16/12/1978Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CAUnited States
19/12/1978Paramount Theatre, Portland, ORUnited States
27/12/1978Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
28/12/1978Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
30/12/1978Cobo Hall, Detroit, MIUnited States
31/12/1978Richfield Coliseum, Richfield Township, OHUnited States
01/01/1979Richfield Coliseum, Richfield Township, OHUnited States
03/10/1980Chrysler Arena, Ann Arbor, MIUnited States
04/10/1980Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OHUnited States
06/10/1980Richfield Coliseum, Richfield Township, OHUnited States
07/10/1980Richfield Coliseum, Richfield Township, OHUnited States
09/10/1980Cobo Hall, Detroit, MIUnited States
10/10/1980Uptown Theatre, Chicago, ILUnited States
11/10/1980Uptown Theatre, Chicago, ILUnited States
13/10/1980Civic Center, St. Paul, MNUnited States
14/10/1980Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WIUnited States
17/10/1980Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MOUnited States
18/10/1980Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MOUnited States
20/10/1980McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, COUnited States
24/10/1980Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WAUnited States
25/10/1980Memorial Coliseum, Portland, ORUnited States
27/10/1980Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CAUnited States
28/10/1980Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CAUnited States
30/10/1980L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
31/10/1980L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
01/11/1980L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
03/11/1980L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
05/11/1980Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZUnited States
08/11/1980Reunion Arena, Dallas, TXUnited States
09/11/1980F.Erwin Center, Austin, TXUnited States
11/11/1980Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, LOUnited States
14/11/1980The Summit, Houston, TXUnited States
15/11/1980The Summit, Houston, TXUnited States
20/11/1980Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, ILUnited States
23/11/1980Capital Center, Largo, MDUnited States
24/11/1980Capital Center, Largo, MDUnited States
27/11/1980Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
30/11/1980Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
01/12/1980Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
02/12/1980War Memorial, Rochester, NYUnited States
06/12/1980The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
08/12/1980The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
09/12/1980The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
11/12/1980Civic Center, Providence, RIUnited States
15/12/1980Boston Garden, Boston, MAUnited States
16/12/1980Boston Garden, Boston, MAUnited States
18/12/1980Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
28/12/1980Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NYUnited States
29/12/1980Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NYUnited States
20/01/1981Maple Leaf Gardens, TorontoCanada
23/01/1981The Forum, MontrealCanada
24/01/1981Civic Center, OttawaCanada
26/01/1981University of Notre Dame, South Bend, INUnited States
29/01/1981Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IAUnited States
01/02/1981Civic Center, St. Paul, MNUnited States
02/02/1981Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WIUnited States
04/02/1981Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, ILUnited States
05/02/1981Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MOUnited States
07/02/1981University of Illinois, Champaign, ILUnited States
12/02/1981Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, ALUnited States
13/02/1981Mississippi State University, Starkville, MSUnited States
15/02/1981Civic Center, Lakeland, FLUnited States
18/02/1981Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FLUnited States
22/02/1981Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, SCUnited States
23/02/1981Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GAUnited States
25/02/1981Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TNUnited States
04/03/1981Rupp Arena, Lexington, KYUnited States
14/04/1981Festhalle, Frankfurt am MainGermany
19/04/1981Palais Des Sports de St Ouen, ParisFrance
21/04/1981Palau Municipal d\'Esports, BarcelonaSpain
28/04/1981Ahoy, RotterdamNetherlands
02/05/1981Brndby Hallen, CopenhagenDenmark
05/05/1981Drammenshallen, DrammenNorway
08/05/1981Johanneshovs Isstadion, StockholmSweden
11/05/1981City Hall, NewcastleGreat Britain
14/05/1981Apollo Theatre, ManchesterGreat Britain
16/05/1981Playhouse Theatre, EdinburghGreat Britain
20/05/1981Bingley Hall, StaffordGreat Britain
27/05/1981Brighton Centre, BrightonGreat Britain
29/05/1981Wembley Arena, LondonGreat Britain
30/05/1981Wembley Arena, LondonGreat Britain
02/06/1981Wembley Arena, LondonGreat Britain
05/06/1981Wembley Arena, LondonGreat Britain
03/07/1981Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
08/07/1981Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
15/07/1981The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
18/07/1981The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
29/07/1981Richfield Coliseum, Richfield Township, OHUnited States
04/08/1981Capital Center, Largo, MDUnited States
11/08/1981Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MIUnited States
16/08/1981Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, COUnited States
21/08/1981L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
24/08/1981L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
27/08/1981L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
02/09/1981Pechanga Arena, San Diego, CAUnited States
08/09/1981Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, ILUnited States
12/09/1984The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
14/09/1984The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
18/09/1984The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
21/09/1984Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
25/09/1984Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NYUnited States
19/10/1984Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WAUnited States
21/10/1984Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CAUnited States
25/10/1984L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
28/10/1984L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
31/10/1984L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
24/03/1985Entertainment Centre, SydneyAustralia
04/04/1985Showgrounds, MelbourneAustralia
15/04/1985Yoyogi Olympic Pool, TokyoJapan
16/04/1985Yoyogi Olympic Pool, TokyoJapan
23/04/1985Osaka-Jyo Hall, OsakaJapan
30/06/1985Parc de la Courneuve, ParisFrance
23/03/1993Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJUnited States
30/03/1993S.E.C.C. Arena, GlasgowGreat Britain
16/04/1993Indoor Arena, SheffieldGreat Britain
28/10/1995Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CAUnited States
22/11/1995Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJUnited States
25/04/1996Brixton Academy, LondonGreat Britain
27/04/1996Royal Albert Hall, LondonGreat Britain
30/04/1996Palais de Congres, StrasbourgFrance
07/05/1996Teatre Tvoli, BarcelonaSpain
19/09/1996Performing Arts Center, Providence, RIUnited States
26/09/1996University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MIUnited States
01/10/1996Braden Auditorium, Normal, ILUnited States
02/10/1996Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WIUnited States
17/10/1996Paramount Theatre, Denver, COUnited States
22/10/1996Civic Theatre, San Diego, CAUnited States
23/10/1996Saroyan Theatre, Fresno, CAUnited States
25/10/1996Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara, CAUnited States
28/10/1996Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, ORUnited States
29/10/1996Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WAUnited States
12/11/1996Shea\'s Perf. Arts Center, Buffalo, NYUnited States
10/02/1997Capitol Theatre, SydneyAustralia
11/02/1997Capitol Theatre, SydneyAustralia
15/02/1997The Palais, MelbourneAustralia
07/05/1997Austria Center, ViennaAustria
16/05/1997Opera Berlioz-Le Corum, MontpellierFrance
24/07/1999Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
26/07/1999Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
02/08/1999Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
07/08/1999Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
12/08/1999Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJUnited States
22/08/1999Fleet Center, Boston, MAUnited States
27/08/1999Fleet Center, Boston, MAUnited States
01/09/1999Capital One Arena, Washington, DCUnited States
09/09/1999The Palace, Auburn Hills, MIUnited States
15/09/1999First Union Center, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
25/09/1999First Union Center, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
28/09/1999United Center, Chicago, ILUnited States
18/10/1999Staples Center, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
26/10/1999Oakland Arena, Oakland, CAUnited States
15/11/1999Gund Arena, Cleveland, OHUnited States
29/11/1999Target Center, Minneapolis, MNUnited States
06/03/2000Ice Palace, Tampa, FLUnited States
10/03/2000BB&T Center, Sunrise, FLUnited States
22/04/2000Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena, Raleigh, NCUnited States
26/04/2000Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
04/05/2000Air Canada Centre, TorontoCanada
07/05/2000Civic Center, Hartford, CTUnited States
21/05/2000Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CAUnited States
04/06/2000Philips Arena, Atlanta, GAUnited States
12/06/2000Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
23/06/2000Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
14/06/2003Parken, CopenhagenDenmark
13/06/2005Olympia Hall, MunichGermany
20/06/2005AccorHotels Arena, ParisFrance
25/06/2005Hovet, StockholmSweden
07/08/2005Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WIUnited States
11/11/2005Ted Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk, VAUnited States
29/03/2008Key Arena, Seattle, WAUnited States
25/04/2008Philips Arena, Atlanta, GAUnited States
30/05/2008Emirates Stadium, LondonGreat Britain
23/06/2008Sportpaleis, AntwerpBelgium
11/07/2008Olympia Stadion, HelsinkiFinland
03/07/2009Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt am MainGermany
22/08/2009Comcast Center, Mansfield, MAUnited States
12/09/2009Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa, FLUnited States
08/11/2009Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
13/04/2012KeyBank Center, Buffalo, NYUnited States
19/06/2012Park & Suites Arena, MontpellierFrance
21/06/2012Stadium of Light, SunderlandGreat Britain
25/10/2012XL Center, Hartford, CTUnited States
05/07/2013Borussia-Park, MnchengladbachGermany
17/04/2014Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TNUnited States
26/04/2014Aaron\'s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GAUnited States
16/01/2016PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States
19/01/2016United Center, Chicago, ILUnited States
27/01/2016Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
29/01/2016Verizon Center, Washington, DCUnited States
31/01/2016Prudential Center, Newark, NJUnited States
02/02/2016Air Canada Centre, TorontoCanada
04/02/2016TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MAUnited States
08/02/2016MVP Arena, Albany, NYUnited States
10/02/2016XL Center, Hartford, CTUnited States
12/02/2016Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PAUnited States
16/02/2016BB&T Center, Sunrise, FLUnited States
18/02/2016Philips Arena, Atlanta, GAUnited States
21/02/2016KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, KYUnited States
23/02/2016Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OHUnited States
25/02/2016KeyBank Center, Buffalo, NYUnited States
27/02/2016Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NYUnited States
29/02/2016Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MNUnited States
03/03/2016Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WIUnited States
06/03/2016Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, MOUnited States
10/03/2016Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, AZUnited States
13/03/2016Oracle Arena, Oakland, CAUnited States
15/03/2016L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
17/03/2016L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
19/03/2016L.A. Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CAUnited States
22/03/2016Moda Center, Portland, ORUnited States
24/03/2016Key Arena, Seattle, WAUnited States
28/03/2016Madison Square Garden, New York, NYUnited States
31/03/2016Pepsi Arena, Denver, COUnited States
03/04/2016Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OKUnited States
05/04/2016American Airlines Center, Dallas, TXUnited States
07/04/2016Sprint Center, Kansas City, MOUnited States
12/04/2016Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OHUnited States
14/04/2016The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MIUnited States
18/04/2016Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PAUnited States
20/04/2016CFG Bank Arena, Baltimore, MDUnited States
23/04/2016Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NYUnited States
25/04/2016Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NYUnited States
14/05/2016Camp Nou, BarcelonaSpain
17/05/2016Estadio de Anoeta, San SebastinSpain
21/05/2016Estadio Santiago Bernabu, MadridSpain
25/05/2016Etihad Stadium, ManchesterGreat Britain
29/05/2016Croke Park, DublinIreland
01/06/2016Hampden Park, GlasgowGreat Britain
22/06/2016Parken, CopenhagenDenmark
29/06/2016Ullevaal Stadion, OsloNorway
03/07/2016San Siro, MilanItaly
11/07/2016AccorHotels Arena, ParisFrance
13/07/2016AccorHotels Arena, ParisFrance
16/07/2016Circo Massimo, RomeItaly
23/07/2016Ullevi, GothenburgSweden
28/07/2016Frognerparken, OsloNorway