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Don't Hang Up

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First time played on: 02/02/2017

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Don't hang up (no no)
Oh don't you do it now,don't hang up (No No)
Don't hang up like you always do
I know you think our love is true
I'll explain the facts to you,don't hang up
Give me a chance or our romance is through
Don't hang up, oh don't you do it now,don't hang up
I took a walk with Mary Lou
I ran around to visit Sue
She had some boys I never knew
Don't hang up
They took a ride so baby I went too
Stopped at the record hop I had to be a sport
We jumped and we did the slop
Then you walked in, and I was caught
Don't hang up, Oh don't you do it now
Don't hang up
Ah you got some explain'in too
Ah like that chick I saw with you
So talk fast like you always do
Don't hang up, you've got one chance
Or our romance is through

Then you walked in and you were caught
Don't hang up, oh don't you do it now don't hang up
I didn't say our love was through
But if we made a fool for two
Cause making up is fun to do
Don't hang up
Cause no one Ellis will ever do but you
Don't hang up, oh don't you do it now
Or you'll be sorry baby
You know I love you baby


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